Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research

The Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by Allied Academies. The journal covers economics and economic research education at the collegiate and K-12 grade levels.

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 2, May

Does Old-Fashioned Foreign Aid Still Have a Place in the Twenty-First Century? Corroborative Evidence
ABSTRACT This study investigates the impact of foreign aid on the economic growth of recipients in less-developed countries. Using a sample of 81 of these countries over a ten-year period (1990-2000), this study reveals that foreign aid has a negative...
Economic Education as Public Policy: The Determinants of State-Level Mandates
ABSTRACT This paper presents an empirical examination of the factors that influence a state's decision to mandate the teaching of economics within the K-12 curriculum. 38 states currently require some form of economics instruction within their approved...
Industry Sector and Productivity Growth: Potential Bias of Information Technology Intensity in Services
ABSTRACT Overall, productivity growth may be underestimated in the U.S.; despite continued progress, measurement and conceptual barriers remain. The concerns about underestimation of productivity growth have been focused on data for the business...
Teaching Economic Principles through Literacy Methods
ABSTRACT In a nation of economic uncertainty, productive workers, responsible citizens, knowledgeable consumers, prudent savers and investors, effective participants in the global economy, and competent decision makers need to come forth. A National...
Technological Approach to Business Education: webCT Application
ABSTRACT WebCT has attracted the attention of many individuals around the world, including that of educators and trainers. Despite all the interest, there has not been much research to support claims for the effectiveness of WebCT instruction. This...
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