Academy of Educational Leadership Journal

Published semiannually by Allied Academies, the Academy of Educational Leadership Journals is a peer-reviewed journal with articles focusing on education and educational leadership.

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 3, 2007

Influences on Undergraduates Considering a Career in Professional Selling
ABSTRACTStudies and occupational forecasts point to a growing number of opportunities for college graduates in the field of professional selling. While there is a substantial body of research on the subject of revising or restructuring the professional...
Leadership: Does Culture Matter? Comparative Practices between Argentina and United States of America
ABSTRACTThe topic of leadership in the global marketplace has received a high degree of attention among scholars and practitioners over the past few years. Leadership of organizations and employees has definitely become more important as managing across...
Teaching International Public Relations in the International Marketing Course: An Organizing Framework
ABSTRACTWhile some international marketing textbooks today devote at least a few pages to the public relations function of multinational firms, coverage remains limited and unstructured. To date, there has been no organizing framework to facilitate the...
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