Cultural Analysis

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to investigating expressive and everyday culture. Features analytical research articles, notes, reviews, and responses.

Articles from Vol. 2, Annual

A Socio-Historical and Contextual Analysis of Popular Musical Performance among the Swahili of Mombasa, Kenya
Abstract This paper discusses a genre of Swahili popular music--taarab--by focusing on its historical development, context of performance, and relation to gender and religion. Using case studies and interviews with musicians and audience members...
"Es Sind Zween Weg": Singing Amish Children into the Faith Community (1)
Abstract The world's largest Amish settlement straddles Ohio's Wayne and Holmes counties. The majority of the Amish prefer an agrarian lifestyle of steady, hard work, preserving a community-oriented, Reformation-era theocracy. The Amish are a "plain"...
Symbols and Images of "Evil" in Student Protests in Sofia, 1997
Abstract This article analyzes Bulgarian student protests in 1990 and 1997 in their political, sociological, and cultural dimensions. Beginning with an overview of the Bulgarian political situation in the 1990s, the article goes on to consider student...
The Amazonian Ox Dance Festival: An Anthropological Account (1)
Abstract The Ox Dance (Boi-Bumba) festival, held yearly during the last three evenings of June in the town of Parintins, Amazonas, is the most spectacular folk festival staged in Northern Brazil. In recent decades, it has assumed massive proportions,...
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