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Articles from Vol. 55, No. 2, Spring

In the winter of 2006, three French points of contact converged to create the conditions for the writing and occasion of these fragments.The first was a graduate seminar I was teaching on the Symbolist Movement in poetry, which set me to rethinking my...
Contemporary Lyric and Epic Constraints: A Reading of Rob Halpern's Weak Link
Recent reading and writing about two complex bodies of poetry, those of Barbara Guest and J.H. Prynne, has brought me repeatedly to the question of the intentionality and organization of such work. Especially in writing about Guest I have relied upon...
The Thinker's Voice
Will it never end, this prattle called Philosophy?-Friedrich KlopstockAllow me to begin with winged words- it is such as these that first hum about the ears as soon as the conversation turns to the subject of Friedrich Nietzsche. They are still on every...
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