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Articles from Vol. 45, No. 3/4, 1999

A Visit from the King
Home was in the middle of a wood, miles from anywhere, a gingerbread cottage where I hung my hat until the day the king came. He ordered me to remove my hat so he could hang his crown there. Wearing it, the king explained, made his head uneasy, especially...
It was cold on the street. When I couldn't stand it anymore I went into a hardware store and pretended to look at the wall display. A customer asked a clerk in a blue smock, "Have you got a screwdriver with a range of different size heads?" As soon as...
The Free Lunch
Many miles down the Coomstock Road, far from any other habitation, two cyclists stopped in pouring rain at an unexpected & welcome apparition-a small inn whose neon sign tinted the falling drops with the heart-quickening words FREE LUNCH in yellow...
The Spoon
The first time I saw her trying to eat peas with a knife it opened the sluices-I was swamped by love & pity. Our people have been eating peas that way for centuries. But she'd only been here a few months. In her homeland people still eat with their...
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