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Articles from Vol. 54, No. 4, Spring

Choir Answers to Choir: Notes on Jonathan Edwards and Wallace Stevens
Jonathan Edwards' "Personal Narrative" was probably composed retrospectively in 1740 as a letter to his future son-in-law, Aaron Burr. Burr had asked him to describe his spiritual journey toward conversion. Here he recalls the period during 1723 (he...
Life of Spinoza
Day 1 How we have waited! we frontline fighters get more than our share of food and clothing. Time to repay. Water looks cloudy. Rumours sweep our vessel. Will we steam boldly south out of the Channel? Day 2 ALL DIVISIONS BRING...
Who Was Cousin Alice?
I've been trying for some time to remember all the rooms in my grandfather's house. The downstairs is not difficult. There was a large living room full of heavy furniture; a "music room" that contained two pianos, one in tune and one not, and lots...
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