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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 4, Winter

Dispatch from Morseilles. (Notes & Comments)
An account of TOM RAWORTH'S PETITES IRREGULARITES, new collages and exhibition of chapbooks/graphics/bookworks (24th May-29th June 2002), and POESIE BRITANNIQUE CONTEMPORAINE, a presentation of con temporary British and Irish poetry, 7 pm: Friday 31st...
From the Way by Swann's: A Passage about Bergotte
Translator's note: The following passage, about the young narrator's love of the writer Bergotte, occurs about one hundred pages into The Way by Swann's (pp.92-95 in the Pleiade edition of Du cote de chez Swann). The character Bergotte, and his...
On Trevor Joyce
The Irish poet Trevor Joyce is a distant cousin of his novelist namesake, as I learned when a glazier repairing a window of Joyce's house, broken in a fit of rage by a mainstream poetry critic at the party that concluded an avant-garde poetry festival...
Philip Jenks and the Poetry of Experience
Poetry is, from one perspective, a treasury of memorable statements; from another, it is a name we give to a particular experience we have of language. In the first case, the emphasis falls squarely on interpretable meaning, though the memorability...
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