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Articles from Vol. 51, No. 3, Autumn

Caging the Demon: James McMichael and the Poetics of Restraint
"Who's a better poet, Robert Frost or Edward Arlington Robinson?" "Frost." "I don't think you understood the question." It was a spring day in 1966 in Palo Alto when that exchange took place. The twenty-six-year-old James McMichael was defending...
Faktura: The Work of Marjorie Welish
How welcome to the admiring but often more than slightly baffled has been the Slought Foundation's issue of a handsome volume aiming to guide with various criticism, appreciations, interviews, and archival matter, the reception of Marjorie Welish's...
My Kind of Town: Local Literary Community
I moved from rural Indiana to Chicago in 1968 and lived in the neighborhoods of Uptown, South Shore, Lincoln Park, East Rogers Park, and West Rogers Park for 26 years, long enough to feel a part of its various local conditions. In 1971, on the strength...
On the Quiet: An Interview with Stefanie Marlis
This e-mail interview lasted almost two years, having been, on both sides of the conversation, interrupted by personal matters. The weight of these matters leaked into the interview, creating an undertone that fits well with Marlis's poetry as I read...
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