Afro-Americans in New York Life and History

A scholarly journal that presents original research on the life and history of African Americans in New York State. Issues such as race relations and racial attitudes are addressed. Includes reviews of books in the subject area. For students and academici

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 1, January

Albany, New York and the Great Migration
The Great Migration was a period between 1910 and 1940 of rapid population shift when hundreds of thousands of southern African Americans resettled in the North hoping to find better employment, housing, and education for their children, and less racial...
Ira Aldridge's Life in New York City
Daniel Aldridge (2) had wanted his son Ira to follow in his footsteps and become a preacher. To this end he enrolled him in one of the two African Free Schools that had been established in New York City by the Manumission Society "for the special purpose...
Remembering the Civil Rights Struggle in Brooklyn, NY
"Will you go to jail for freedom? Will you die for freedom?" A powerful rendition of the song, "Do You Want Your Freedom?" was sung by Sandi Blair, with Dionne Freeney on piano, to open a remarkable event in February, 2006 at the Brooklyn Public Library's...
The South Side Community Center of Ithaca, New York: Built through "Community Mothering," 1938
Eleanor Roosevelt lauded members of the Frances Harper Women's Club for their foundational work in building the South Side Community Center. In her words, this club "realized a community need and went to work in a practical way to solve the problem."...
"This Is Harlem Heights": Black Student Power and the 1968 Columbia University Rebellion
INTRODUCTION This is an account of the forces of race and power and how students and community members used their race to gain power from a white American institution. More specifically, this is a story about black students on the campus of Columbia...
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