Afro-Americans in New York Life and History

A scholarly journal that presents original research on the life and history of African Americans in New York State. Issues such as race relations and racial attitudes are addressed. Includes reviews of books in the subject area. For students and academici

Articles from Vol. 34, No. 1, January

H. Carl McCall for Governor: A Lesson to All Black High-Profile Statewide Office Seekers
INTRODUCTION African Americans have failed miserably at winning high-profile statewide offices. Only U.S. Senator Edward W. Brooke III (Mass.), Governor L. Douglas Wilder (VA), U.S. Senators Carol Moseley Braun and Barack Obama of Illinois and the...
Moving Minds and Mountains: African Americans in New York City from 1919 to 1945
Cities are exciting, ever changing places that are inherently restless and perpetually in motion. They thrive from being, as Lewis Mumford observed, in a constant "state of dynamic tension and interaction." Urban dynamism promotes the opportunity,...
The Historical Context and Political Significance of Harlem's Street Scholar Community
I have insisted ever since my entry into the area of racial discussion that we Negroes must take to reading and study and the development of intelligence as we have never done before we can use Europe's education [but never] ... become apes of their...
The Racial Identity of Adam Clayton Powell Jr.: A Case Study in Racial Ambivalence and Redefinition
Adam Clayton Powell Jr., one of America's most militant 20th century black leaders, was also one of its most paradoxical. This son of Harlem, who called himself a "marching black" and the "first bad nigger" in Congress was to all appearances a white...
The Rise of African American Community Centers; A Brief History of 1490 Enterprises, Inc., Buffalo, New York
Community centers have been bringing public services to African American communities for decades. Many of those centers were formed as a result of the Civil Rights movement, the Black Power movement, and the War on Poverty that took place in the late...
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