Afro-Americans in New York Life and History

A scholarly journal that presents original research on the life and history of African Americans in New York State. Issues such as race relations and racial attitudes are addressed. Includes reviews of books in the subject area. For students and academici

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 1, January

Dream Books, Crystal Balls, and "Lucky Numbers": African American Female Mediums in Harlem, 1900-1930s
During the late 1990s, self-proclaimed Jamaican psychic "Miss Geo" appeared in nation-wide infomercials offering tarot card readings, one-on-one psychic consultations, and spiritual guidance on matters concerning money, family, and love. Miss Cleo...
The Battle over the Ex-Slave's Fortune: The Story of Cynthia Hesdra
Few people are familiar with the name Cynthia Hesdra. She was born a slave in the North. During her lifetime though, she owned a successful laundry business and real estate in New York and New Jersey. She was also involved in the historic "underground...
The New Negro and New York Politics, 1898-1933
On January 1, 1898, New York City was reborn. No longer did it consist solely of the island of Manhattan; at the stroke of midnight that heralded the New Year, the city incorporated its twin city of Brooklyn, as well as the Bronx, Staten Island, and...
The State of New York and the Legal Struggle to Desegregate the American Bowling Congress, 1944-1950
In the years between World War I and World War II, bowling became the most popular participant sport in America, due in large part to its encouragement by the United States Armed Forces. (2) Though blacks and whites made up the largest bowling contingents,...
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