Health Law Review

A professional journal examining issues of concern for lawyers and health care professionals. Presents current issues connected to the medical-legal field.

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 3, Spring

Health Care Ethics Experts in Canadian Courts
1. Introduction Sitting in my office one afternoon, I received a telephone call from a lawyer many miles away. Would I consider acting as an ethics expert witness in a civil case raising questions about the ethics of a particular physician's s conduct?...
Private Genetic Testing in Canada: A Summary
A. Introduction The last few years have seen a rapid growth in the discovery of genes associated with hereditary disease or susceptibility, and an accompanying rise in the number of genetic tests becoming available. While most Canadians likely still...
The Informed Gatekeeper? A Commentary on Genetic Tests, Marketing Pressure and the Role of Primary Care Physicians
I. Introduction Many have predicted that the rapid advances occurring in the field of genetics will have a profound impact on our health care system. Though we have yet to see a large number of clinically useful, broadly applicable, genetic technologies,...
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