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Articles from Vol. 20, No. 1, Fall

Biotechnology and Science in Video Games: A Destructive Portrayal?
Background The global computer and video game market was worth an estimated US$52.5 billion in 2009, and is expected to grow to US$86.8 billion by 2014. (1) The gaming industry's growth rate far outpaces movies and music. (2) Yet, the growth of...
Field Notes
In North America, the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancers and obesity are at an all-time high causing severe morbidity and mortality to individuals across the lifespan. Effectively tackling these growing trends will require both...
Food Labelling Regulation to Promote Healthy Eating
Chronic diseases are leading causes of death and disability in Canada and worldwide, and many of these diseases arc associated with preventable risk factors. (1) For example, a recent analysis found that a significant proportion of cancers - at least...
"What Have I Got to Lose?": An Analysis of Stem Cell Therapy Patients' Blogs
Introduction The promises of stem cell research have provided hope to those who suffer from a variety of diseases and conditions, but to date, there are very few proven therapies that involve stem cells. (1) However, a growing number of clinics...
When Is a Custodian Not a Custodian?
Introduction How physicians may collect, use, and disclose a patient's personal health information is an issue which has plagued legislatures and the justice system for decades. While it cannot be denied that the disclosure of such health information,...
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