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The High School Journal is a professional journal covering education, teaching, learning and administration in the secondary school. Founded in 1918, The High School Journal is published bimonthly from October to May by the University of North Carolina Press in Chapel Hill, N.C. Madeline Grumet is the editor.

Articles from Vol. 93, No. 1, November-December

A Conflict Revisited
The demand that public school students, especially at the high school level, write under time pressure has been the subject of debate for at least the last seventy-five years. As state after state has added a timed writing component to its testing...
A Critical Examination of Current Minimum Grading Policy Recommendations
In an effort to reduce failure and attrition rates and to increase on-time program completion and graduation rates, many schools are adopting a policy of assigning minimum grades. While justifications supporting the policy are often mathematical in...
A Year in Review: The High School Journal in 1920
In 1920, the High School Journal had been up and running for a year and cost 15 cents an issue. Robert Goddard was ridiculed by the New York Times for predicting space travel (a retraction was printed in 1969), small countries like Ireland and Romania...
From the Editorial Board
As I began my dissertation research, I returned to teaching as a high school social studies teacher in the Arkansas Delta. Apart from the reality of teaching in the Delta--high unemployment and poverty--my teaching situation is nearly perfect. I have...
The Complexities of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: A Case Study of Two Secondary Mathematics Teachers and Their ESOL Students
Culturally relevant pedagogy is not well understood as an instructional strategy in the mathematics classroom. This study reveals the challenges two teachers faced when they implemented a pilot project with ninth and tenth grade ESOL students. The...
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