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The High School Journal is a professional journal covering education, teaching, learning and administration in the secondary school. Founded in 1918, The High School Journal is published bimonthly from October to May by the University of North Carolina Press in Chapel Hill, N.C. Madeline Grumet is the editor.

Articles from Vol. 99, No. 2, Winter

From the Editorial Board: Virtual Charter Schools: Where Did All the Children Go?
Over the last decade, parents and students seeking a more flexible and individualized educational experience have increasingly turned to virtual public charter schools, the newest trend in an age old U.S. debate about school choice (O'Hanlon, 2012)....
High School Physical Education Teachers' Attitudes and Use of Fitness Tests
Recommendations for using and implementing fitness tests have been extensively researched and teachers' attitudes toward fitness tests are beginning to be studied. Less understood is how high school teachers use fitness tests and the role their attitudes...
Supplementary Reading Instruction in Alternative High Schools: A Statewide Survey of Educator Reported Practices and Barriers
Recent data suggest that a majority of secondary students read below the level considered proficient on state standardized tests of reading. Alternative high schools, in particular, serve a high proportion of struggling readers. This survey study investigated...
Teacher Support and Engagement in Math and Science: Evidence from the High School Longitudinal Study
Supportive teacher-student relationships are associated with increased levels of engagement and higher levels of achievement. Yet, studies also show that higher achieving students typically receive the most encouragement. Moreover, many studies of...
The Impact of Social Influences on High School Students' Recreational Reading
Aliteracy, the state in which the skill to read has been acquired, but not the will, is a growing concern in research on adolescence internationally. The West Australian Study in Adolescent Book Reading (WASABR) aimed to discover current attitudes...
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