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A Failure That Transformed Russia; the 1991-94 Democratic State-Building Experiment in Chechnya
We're the children of the mountains, We have been here for years. The wind frightens the heart of any stranger here. Nobody understands us, The mountains will protect us, The wind frightens the heart of any stranger here. (Chechen...
Introduction Measurement of labor market discrimination against women and minorities has become an increasingly intense focus for research in the past several years, although uncertainty remains as to exactly what discrimination consists of and...
Gulf War Syndrome: The `Agent Orange' of the Nineties
Introduction In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, over 100,000 U.S. troops among the 700,000 who served in the region reported a mysterious cluster of severe health problems. Initially, the Pentagon dismissed the complaints and ruled out any...
Presidential Address at 1999 Triennial Convention
We live on a moving line between past and present.(1) Tonight Pi Gamma Mu stands at a crossroads on its own lifeline. We can gaze back 75 years to our beginning, we can examine our present state and we can anticipate the future. Our gaze into the past...
Wacky Times: An Analysis of the WAC in World War II and Its Effects on Women
At the dawn of the twentieth century American women were at the apex of a pointed fight for the vote. After gaining the vote they remained in a status that was anything but equal, or even reciprocal. Yet, the events of the Twentieth Century have altered...
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