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Articles from Vol. 78, No. 1-2, Summer-Spring

Harriet Jacobs and the "Double Burden" of American Slavery
Introduction The ethical, social, and economic issues associated with American slavery remain among the most discussed topics in the study of United States history. Much of what was initially known about the condition of slaves came from antebellum...
Is Class Attendance a Proxy Variable for Student Motivation in Economics Classes? an Empirical Analysis
Introduction In recent studies, Romer (1993) and Durden and Ellis (1995; 1998) have shown that class attendance appears to affect student average scores and resulting grades in economics classes. Specifically, the fewer absences a student has, the...
President's Report: October 2002
Dear Pi Gamma Mu members, sponsors, trustees, and staff: Although the constitution mandates a president's triennial report, it makes no mention of the form that report must take. With that latitude, I have chosen to make this report a thank you...
The Hawallah Network: Culture and Economic Development in Afghanistan
Introduction Although Afghanistan played a central role in the development of many ancient civilizations, in recent years it has become marginalized in world affairs because of the Afghan government's inability, or, perhaps, lack of desire to participate...
The Middle East: Some New Realities and Old Problems
Introduction Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001 the United States has launched and prosecuted, on both military and civilian fronts, a war against terror in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. It also has embarked upon an explicit policy of...
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