International Social Science Review

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Articles from Vol. 86, No. 1-2, Spring-Summer

"Excluding Indians Not Taxed": Dred Scott, Standing Bear, Elk and the Legal Status of Native Americans in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century
Introduction Throughout American history, the federal government has failed to follow a consistent approach in determining the legal and political status of individual Native Americans and Indian tribes. Such policies (i.e., treaty-making and reservations,...
From the Foxhole: American Newsmen and the Reporting of World War II
Introduction As the fighting occurred on the beaches of Normandy, in the mountains of Italy, and on the islands of the Pacific, Americans craved news about those battles and the fate of their loved ones serving in the military. Over 2,000 men and...
What Makes Us Care? the Impact of Cultural Values, Individual Factors, and Attention to Media Content on Motivation for Ethical Consumerism
Introduction This study seeks to provide a deeper understanding of motivation for ethical consumerism and to determine whether it is influenced by cultural differences. Based on surveys conducted in Austria and South Korea, the authors analyze the...
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