Journal of College Reading and Learning

Publication covering education.

Articles from Vol. 43, No. 2, Spring

A Contextualized Curricular Supplement for Developmental Reading and Writing
The overarching purpose of developmental education is to enable academically underprepared students to benefit from the postsecondary curriculum. An important part of developmental reading and writing education is instruction in the literacy skills needed...
Fiction Reading Strategies of College Readers
It is no secret that many college students lack the reading skills needed for meaningful participation in academic life. In fact, developmental literacy programs are common in U.S. universities (National Governors Association, 2011; Spak, 2011), and...
Messages Are Everywhere: Reading Perceptions, Habits, and Preferences of Undergraduates
The study of written language has traditionally included foci such as the evolution of the mechanisms of writing, the media used, the method of text access, the information that is shared, and the individual who is accessing text. Consider the evolution...
Note from the Editorial Team
Issues of college preparedness are in the public eye as never before. The various ways in which colleges support students' proficiencies in reading, writing, and math-core areas of developmental education-are enjoying considerable attention. And such...
Representations of the Racialized Experiences of African Americans in Developmental Reading Textbooks
Research indicates that as a result of racial disparities within the educational system, African American college students too often enter college needing additional preparation for academic success (Gay, 2000; Hale, 2001; Moore, 2001; Murrell, 2002;...
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