Communication Studies

Publication covering communication, language and linguistics.

Articles from Vol. 55, No. 3, Fall

A Political Politics: GOP Efforts to Foster Identification from Latinos, 1984-2000
The GOP is not short of money. They haven't been short in the last two campaigns. Their long-term strategy is winning over Latinos. --Sergio Bendixen (2001) The Democratic Party has long been home to members of minority groups in the United States....
Audiences, Metaphors, and the Persian Gulf War
For nearly fifty years, the world was simple. In the bipolar system, one was aligned with the United States or with the Soviet Union. With the end of the Cold War, this world was gone. The post-Cold War era became more complex as the world entered...
Building Relationships between Organizations and Publics: Examining the Linkage between Organization-Public Relations, Evaluations of Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intent
"The emergence of relationship management as a paradigm for public relations scholarship and practice calls into question the essence of public relations--what it is and what it does or should do, its function and value within organizational structure...
Understanding the Aggressive Workplace: Development of the Workplace Aggression Tolerance Questionnaire
Fueled by mass media stories and statistics from governmental and labor sources, workplace aggression has begun to enter the consciousness of those in and studying organizations. The problem is now recognized as a global concern. The International...
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