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Articles from Vol. 56, No. 1, March

Motivating Factors: Perceptions of Justice and Their Relationship with Managerial and Organizational Trust
In times like these with individuals afraid of losing jobs, not finding work, and/or not receiving raises, Herzberg's (1976) "motivating factors" become that much more important. According to Herzberg, there are organizational intangibles, or motivating...
Predicting Exposure to and Liking of Media Violence: A Uses and Gratifications Approach
The desire to consume media is influenced by a host of social and psychological factors (Finn, 1992, 1997; Krcmar &: Greene, 1999; Weaver, 1991). Those very factors (e.g., sensation seeking, neuroticism), however, that have been implicated as motivators...
Sex Differences in Goals for Supportive Interactions
In the past decade, considerable attention has been given to the effect of gender on supportive interactions. Although the claim that men and women constitute vastly "different cultures" has been increasingly discounted (Goldsmith & Fulfs, 1999;...
The Ecology of Academic Risk: Relationships between Communication Apprehension, Verbal Aggression, Supportive Communication, and Students' Academic Risk Status
Because nearly 50% of those who attend college fail to earn a bachelor degree (Seidman, 2000), college student retention and academic success programs have received renewed interest throughout the Academy (see Lau, 2003). Academically at-risk students...
Trends in Organizational Communication Research: Sustaining the Discipline, Sustaining Ourselves
Before I begin my remarks today, please join me in thanking Steve Rhodes and the faculty and graduate students of the Department of Communication here at Western Michigan University for their hard work in hosting the 16th annual Organizational Communication...
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