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Articles from Vol. 59, No. 2, April-June

Communicating Forgiveness in Friendships and Dating Relationships
Given forgiveness is believed to be a critical component of successful interpersonal relationships (McCullough, Rachal, Sandage, Worthington, Brown, & Hight, 1998) and good mental and physical health (Witvliet, Ludwig, & Vander Laan, 2001),...
Metaphor and Intra-Attitudinal Structural Coherence
Metaphor has a long history of study as a rhetorical tool. Derived from the Greek words, "meta" meaning "over" and "pherein" meaning "to carry," a metaphor is traditionally considered a linguistic expression of the form "A is B" consisting of two parts...
Modal Expressions in Refusals of Friends' Interpersonal Requests: Politeness and Effectiveness
Politeness is important across many social contexts, including personal relationships, business interactions, and institutionalized forms of communication such as international diplomacy. It is little wonder, then, that even the smallest children are...
Surveillance/discipline/resistance: Carly Fiorina under the Gaze of the Wall Street Journal
In July 1999, Carly Fiorina was named president and chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Company, becoming the first woman to lead one of the 20 largest public corporations in the United States. In addition to being female, she was the first outsider...
The Rules-Based Process of Revealing/concealing the Family Planning Decisions of Voluntarily Child-Free Couples: A Communication Privacy Management Perspective
Over the last few decades, researchers have started to focus on the incidence (Paul, 2001; Thornton & Young-DeMarco, 2001) and characteristics (Clausen, 2002; Ganong, Coleman, & Mapes, 1990; Heaton & Jacobson, 1999; Morrell, 1993; Park,...
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