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Articles from Vol. 41, No. 1, Spring

A New Era: Integrating Today's "Next Gen" Research Tools Ravel and Casetext in the Law School Classroom
I. INTRODUCTION II. DEFINING NEXT GEN III. PEDAGOGY AND THE LATEST WAVE OF ELECTRONIC RESEARCH TOOLS A. Calls for a More Practice-Focused Legal Education, and an Emphasis on Teaching Metacognitive Skills B. The Goals of...
A Wiki Weapon Solution: Firearm Regulation for the Management of 3D Printing in the American Household
I. INTRODUCTION II. ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING III. CURRENT LANDSCAPE OF FIREARM REGULATION A. Federal Firearm Regulations B. Undetectable Firearms Act C. State Level Regulation 1. Louisiana 2. South Carolina ...
Employment & Social Media Privacy: Employer Justifications for Access to "Private" Material
I. INTRODUCTION II. BACKGROUND A. General Expectation of Privacy B. Invasions of Privacy in Employment Context C. Social Media D. Ehling v. Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service: the Facebook Incident III. EMPLOYER ACCESS...
In Defense of the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy: Cell Phone Tracking as an Unreasonable Search and How New Jersey Got It Right
I. INTRODUCTION II. CELL PHONE TRACKING TECHNOLOGY AND FEDERAL INTERPRETATION OF TECHNOLOGY PRIVACY RIGHTS A. Background of Cell Phone Tracking Technology B. Federal Jurisprudence on Technology Privacy Rights 1. Creating...
Teleradiology: The Perks, Pitfalls and Patients Who Ultimately Pay
I. INTRODUCTION II. TELERADIOLOGY--A BRIEF HISTORY III. QUESTIONS RAISED BY TELERADIOLOGY A. Who Is Responsible? 1. Teleradiologist a. Standards Governing Radiologists b. On-Site Versus Working from Home...
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