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Articles from Vol. 6, No. 1, Summer

Constitutional "Religion" a Survey of First Amendment Definitions of Religion
Newly-elected President George W Bush erected a new hurdle in the Supreme Court's Religion Clause adjudication. Fulfilling his vision ofAmerica, he created a program through which faith-based organizations may receive federal monies for doing public...
Fatal in Fact? Federal Courts' Application of Strict Scrutiny to Racial Preferences in Public Education
I. Introduction In 1995, the Supreme Court declared in Adarand v. Pena1 that all federal and state racial classifications were subject to strict scrutiny.2 Along with City of Richmond v. Croson, Adarand settled the debate over the proper judicial scrutiny...
Taking God out of the Hospital: Requiring Parents to Seek Medical Care for Their Children Regardless of Religious Belief
I. Introduction Since 1975, at least one hundred and sixty five children have died from curable illnesses when their parents refused medical treatment in accordance with religious strictures. Two-year old Robyn Twitchell and seven-year old Amy Hermanson...
Unfinished Agenda: The Need for Civil Right Litigation to Address Race Discrimination and Inequalities in Health Care Delivery
I. Introduction From Central Harlem to rural Alabama, poor communities of color are exposed to great health hazards and experience high incidences of many chronic and acute health conditions, but have access to relatively few health services. The consequences...
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