Economic Perspectives

A professional journal containing articles on economics, monetary theory and policy, payments systems, banking and finance, based in the Chicago, Illinois, region.

Articles from Vol. 24, No. 4, Winter

A Record Current Account Deficit: Causes and Implications
Introduction and summary The U.S. deficit in international trade soared to new heights in 1998, again in 1999, and in all likelihood, will increase even further this year. Mirroring these deficits have been huge foreign capital inflows. In 1999,...
Effect of Auto Plant Openings on Net Migration in the Auto Corridor, 1980-97
Introduction and summary How do newly opened auto plants influence the patterns of demographic change in an area? An answer to this question has important policy implications. Competition among communities to attract new manufacturing jobs is substantial....
The Effect of the Run-Up in the Stock Market on Labor Supply
Introduction and summary There are many anecdotes of people who quit their job after having their stock market wealth increase dramatically. This article assesses whether these anecdotes represent isolated incidents or whether the stock market has...
Why Do Consumers Pay Bills Electronically? an Empirical Analysis
Introduction and summary Although the checkless society has been predicted for decades, checks remain the most frequently used noncash payment method in the U.S., contrary to trends in a number of other countries. Despite the debate over why consumers...
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