Exceptional Children

Exceptional Children is a journal that presents articles, research and papers concerning students who are gifted and disabled. Since it was founded in 1934, it is produced quarterly. The journal is published by the Council for Exceptional Children.Subjects for Exceptional Children include education. The senior director is Doug Falke.

Articles from Vol. 71, No. 2, Winter

Evaluating the Quality of Evidence from Correlational Research for Evidence-Based Practice
In their recent article in the Educational Researcher, Feuer, Towne, and Shavelson (2002) asked, What are the most effective means of stimulating more and better scientific educational research? ... [T]he primary emphasis [italics added] should...
Qualitative Studies in Special Education
Qualitative research in the social sciences has risen to prominence in recent years. Although there may be an impression that qualitative research is new to special education, its history can be traced back almost two centuries. Certainly, at present,...
Quality Indicators for Group Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Research in Special Education
This article presents a set of quality indicators for experimental and quasi-experimental studies for the field of special education. We believe there is a critical need for such a set of indicators, given the current focus on the need for an increase...
Research in Special Education: Scientific Methods and Evidence-Based Practices
Should science guide practice in special education? Most individuals would say "Yes." However, the "devil is in the details." Major initiatives in other disciplines such as medicine, the allied health professions, and psychology are attempting to identify...
The Use of Single-Subject Research to Identify Evidence-Based Practice in Special Education
Single-subject research is a rigorous, scientific methodology used to define basic principles of behavior and establish evidence-based practices. A long and productive history exists in which single-subject research has provided useful information...
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