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The quarterly official journal of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). Publishes articles on career interventions, career counseling, individual and organizational career development, work and leisure, career education, career coaching, and

Articles from Vol. 60, No. 4, December

Effects of Social Supports on the Career Choice Consideration of Chinese Farmers: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Drawing from social cognitive career theory (Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 1994), this study explored social supports' influence on the career choice consideration of farmers during China's current process of urbanization. A questionnaire was designed...
Practice and Research in Career Counseling and Development-2011
The Career Development Quarterly celebrated its 100th anniversary during the past year and continues to provide high-quality research and conceptual articles of import to the study of career development and intervention. This article reviews the 2011...
Understanding How Peer Mentoring and Capitalization Link STEM Students to Their Majors
This study investigated the role of peer mentoring and voluntary self-development activities (i.e., capitalization) in anchoring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students to their college majors. Online data were collected from 214 undergraduate...
Validation of the Career-Related Parent Support Scale among Chinese High School Students
The Career-Related Parent Support Scale (CRPSS; Turner, Alliman-Brissett, Lapan, Udipi, & Ergun, 2003) was translated and modified to form the 24-item Chinese version of the scale. As in the case of the original CRPSS, the Chinese version includes...
Work-to-School Transitions in the Age of the Displaced Worker: A Psychology of Working Perspective
Frank Parsons (1909) founded the vocational guidance movement more than 100 years ago within the context of a shift from an agricultural to an industrial workplace. Today, globalization, workforce diversity, and the financial instability related to the...
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