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Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge of business communication. Communications include composition/technical writing, information systems, organizational, and corporate dialogues.

Articles from Vol. 34, No. 3, July

Approaches to Managerial Influence in the People's Republic of China
"Persuasion is used in helping workers to correct their shortcomings. If there are differences of opinion, I decide. I explain my position. They express disagreement but they'll do it my way." Factory Director - 3,200 workers, Hunan Province "If it...
Corporate Annual Report Graphical Communication in Hong Kong: Effective or Misleading?
A large proportion of the world's population has been exposed to years of visual stimuli such as television, movies, computer-games, and advertising. In a speech in March 1996, President Clinton was alleged to have remarked that the average young person...
"Dear Friend" (?): Culture and Genre in American and Canadian Direct Marketing Letters
Canadians are different from Americans. Business communicators know this, after a fashion. They know that they have to change money at the border, that they need their birth certificate (but not their passport) to cross the border, and they know that...
Investigating the Genre of a Business Fax: A Finnish Case Study
Communicating in business has changed dramatically in the past two decades. The new communication media (computers, faxes, e-mail, voice mail) have affected the entire communication process: who communicates with whom, when, in what language, with what...
Organizational Communication and Culture: A Study of 10 Italian High-Technology Companies
The study of culturally based interpretative processes within organizations has generated a renewed interest in communication, power, influence, and control at a time when organizational communication understanding is complicated by the growing global...
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