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Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge of business communication. Communications include composition/technical writing, information systems, organizational, and corporate dialogues.

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 2, April

Exploring Corporate Rhetoric: Metadiscourse in the CEO's Letter
The CEO's letter to shareholders is the most prominent and widely read part of an annual report. Although frequently criticized as "five pages of financial information and 40 pages of fluff" (Wild, 1997, p. 10), the production of annual reports is a...
Organizational Rules on Communicating: How Employees Are - and Are Not - Learning the Ropes
How do employees of an organization know how the organization wants them to communicate on the job? How do organizations tell them? Do they tell them? Do organizations rely on corporate culture to inform employees? Do organizations rely on their ability...
The Critical Contact: A Study of Recruiter Verbal Behavior during Campus Interviews
Employment interviews vary widely in specific form and content but essentially have three purposes: to select potential employees, to solicit potential employees, and to give potential employees information about the organization (Street, 1986). During...
The Relationship between Self-Monitoring and Leadership in Student Project Groups
As teamwork becomes prevalent in today's organizations (Ancona, 1990; Bettenhausen, 1991; Gallucci, 1985), instructors from a variety of disciplines increasingly incorporate collaborative learning experiences and group projects in many of their classes....
The Visual Portrayal of Women in IBM's 'Think': A Longitudinal Analysis
In recent years, the "woman-friendly" or "family-friendly" appellation has been given to companies that score high on criteria that support a woman's career development and help employees manage family responsibilities. Magazines such as Working Mother...
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