The Journal of Business Communication

Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge of business communication. Communications include composition/technical writing, information systems, organizational, and corporate dialogues.

Articles from Vol. 36, No. 4, October

An Exploratory Study of Communication Competence in Thai Organizations
During the past two decades, most theories of communication competence have been developed on the basis of "western" conceptualizations (e.g., Bostrom, 1984; Habermas, 1970; Harris, 1979; Littlejohn & Jabusch, 1982; Park, 1985; Spitzberg &...
Argumentative Men: Expectations of Success
Nancy M. Schullery Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo A manager may spend as much as 90% of work time communicating Schnake, Dumler, Cochran, & Barnett, 1990). Therefore, the question of what communication behaviors are most successful...
How New Zealand Consumers Respond to Plain English
"Few experiences are as refreshing as finding a contract we can read," says Crow (1988, p. 86) in his article discussing consumer contracts, readability, and comprehension. Crow's statement will, in turn, be refreshing for many, who will find that...
Persuasion, Probity, and Paltering: The Prudential Crisis
In July, 1996, the Prudential Insurance Company agreed to pay a record fine of $35 million for misleading sales practices (Scism, 1996). This agreement followed a series of accusations of fraud and misrepresentation which have plagued Prudential since...
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