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Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge of business communication. Communications include composition/technical writing, information systems, organizational, and corporate dialogues.

Articles from Vol. 32, No. 2, April

An Examination of the Role of Listening in Judgments of Communication Competence in Co-Workers
Scholars from a variety of disciplines have claimed that communication competence is central to effective functioning in organizations (Argyris, 1962; Barnard, 1938; Monge, Bachman, Dillard, & Eisenberg, 1982; Papa & Tracy, 1988; Redding, 1972;...
A Schemata Model for Intercultural Encounters and Case Study: The Emperor and the Envoy
A recognized condition for successful intercultural business communication is the more like one's own cultural, psychological, economic, educational, and occupational environment the other party's environment is, the greater the chance of successful...
Interactive Communication Technologies in Business Organizations
The purpose of the present essay is to explore the distinctive aspects of interactive communication in business organizations. Certainly even a casual observer of today's organizational life would note how remarkably it has changed in recent decades,...
Relationship of Managerial Work Roles to Tactics Used to Influence Subordinates
Interest in managerial work role activities has grown rapidly in recent years (Martinko & Gardner, 1990), yet the bulk of research which has been conducted has focused on typologies for classifying work roles rather than the relationship between...
Writing the Project Team: Authority and Intertextuality in a Corporate Setting
This article reports on the communicative activities of a project team in a large corporation in the computer industry, as it struggled over a six month period to define a new product. While the focus in this article is primarily on written texts, I...
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