The Journal of Business Communication

Publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge of business communication. Communications include composition/technical writing, information systems, organizational, and corporate dialogues.

Articles from Vol. 42, No. 2, April

Crisis Response Communication Challenges: Building Theory from Qualitative Data
This article reports results of a qualitative study that examined communication challenges decision makers experience during the response stage of crisis management. Response is perhaps the most critical of the three stages (prevention, response, recovery)...
Interpersonal Communication Tactics and Procedural Justice for Uncertainty Management of Japanese Workers
The objectives of the present study are (a) to explore the relationships among interpersonal communication tactics, perceived procedural justice, and the uncertainty of career stability of Japanese whitecollar workers; and (b) to reveal what kind of...
Shared Mindfulness in Cockpit Crisis Situations: An Exploratory Analysis
Despite the high reliability of current aeronautical technology and safety improvements, human error continues to be a factor in 60% to 80% of all aviation mishaps. Training is often focused on analysis of faulty procedures or lack of procedures over...
University Preparation for Workplace Writing: An Exploratory Study of the Perceptions of Students in Three Disciplines
This study investigated how Canadian university student interns in three disciplines perceived their educational preparation for workplace writing. The students' perceptions differed markedly according to disciplinary background, with Management students...
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