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Articles from Vol. 39, No. 2, April

Employment Interviewing Research: Ways We Can Study Underrepresented Group Members' Experiences as Applicants
In 1999, The Journal of Business Communication published an article of mine called "Tensions and Burdens in Employment Interviewing Processes: Perspectives of Non-Dominant Group Applicants." Its purpose was to explore some assumptions about employment...
Gendered Performances in Employment Interviewing: Interpreting and Designing Communication Research
The idea that organizational politics and experience are gendered is not new. Nor is it groundbreaking to argue that organizational cultures tend to be male dominated, based on patriarchal structures, and directed by traditionally masculine values...
Issues Advertising as Crisis Communication: Northwest Airlines' Use of Image Restoration Strategies during the 1998 Pilot's Strike
This study explores the use of issues advertising as a form of organizational crisis communication. Specifically, the study analyzes Northwest Airline's (NWA) use of image restoration strategies in the issues advertisements it placed related to...
Leader-Member Exchange and Organizational Communication Satisfaction in Multiple Contexts
This study explored the extent to which the quality of leader-member exchange (LMX) affects subordinates' perceptions of communication satisfaction in multiple contexts. Findings indicate that the quality of LMX strongly influences subordinates'...
The Impact of Profitability, Certainty, and Degree of Fine on the Persuasiveness of Environmental Assessment Reports
Many companies have followed the suggestion of the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct voluntary self-audits of their environmental practices. When company environmental assessment auditors present the results of these compliance audits to...
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