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Articles from Vol. 65, No. 2, April

A New Way to Compromise: An Analysis of the FCC, CTIA, and Consumers Union Bill Shock Compromise and Its Application to Cramming
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. HISTORY OF COMMISSION PROTECTION OF WIRELESS CONSUMERS A. Pre-Genachowski Commission Regulatory Approaches 1. Chairman Kennard 2. Chairman Powell 3. Chairman Martin B. Regulatory Actions and Philosophy...
Data Caps: How ISPs Are Stunting the Growth of Online Video Distributors and What Regulators Can Do about It
TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION I. THE AGREEMENTS FORMING THE INTERNET A. Four Ways to Communicate: Peering, Transit, Paid Peering, and Intranetwork 1. Peering: What's a Few Bits Between Friends? 2. Transit: The Cost of Doing Business 3....
Editor's Note
Welcome to the second Issue of Volume 65 of the Federal Communications Law Journal, the nation's premier communications law journal and the official journal of the Federal Communications Bar Association. This Issue examines a broad array of issues...
The Evolution of Regulation: Twentieth Century Lessons and Twenty-First Century Opportunities
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW II. BACKGROUND: THE EVOLUTION OF REGULATION A. The Rise of the Regulation B. Stability of the Early Years C. Ideological and Intellectual Underpinnings of Deregulation. D. The Inklings and Promise...
Uncreative Destruction: The Misguided War on Vertical Integration in the Information Economy
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. THE SEPARATIONS PRINCIPLE A. The Proposal B. A New Spin on an Old Debate III. COMPETITION AND VERTICAL INTEGRATION A. Benefits of Complements and Tying B. Efficiency Benefits C. Competition in the Information...
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