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Founded in Paris in 1887, the International Herald Tribune is a daily newspaper that was, originally, the European edition of the New York Herald. That paper merged with the New York Tribune and became the Herald Tribune in 1924. The Herald Tribune ceased publication in 1966 and the Washington Post, together with the New York Times, took over the International Herald Tribune. In 2002, the Times bought out its partner and assumed control of the paper. It covers news throughout the entire world and its editorial headquarters are in Paris, France.The International Herald Tribune reports on world events, business, politics, economics and sports. Over the years, its audience has changed and, today, two-thirds of the readership is non-American. About 51 percent of its readers live outside their country of citizenship, and 29 percent have incomes between $100,000 and $249,900. Printed at 35 sites, the paper is sold in over 180 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.In 2009, the International Herald Tribune ran a series of articles written by Roger Cohen on the turmoil in Iran and the election campaign of Mir Hussein Moussai, the reformist candidate who sought to unseat Mohmoud Ahmadinejad. As reported, there was an exuberance that vanished after the election and a subsequent clamp down on freedom by the regime, which led to baton wielding police on motorcycles beating people in the streets of Tehran. Alison Smale is the Executive Editor, Stephen Dunbar-Johnson is the Publisher, Phillip McClellan is the Managing Editor and Serge Schmermann is the Editor of the Editorial Page.

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