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Articles from Vol. 75, No. 2, Spring

Going Home? Belonging and Burial in the Era of Aids
ABSTRACT In Eastern Uganda, a married woman should be buried at her husband's home, raising questions such as: which husband? were they really married? These questions become urgent when a woman dies at the home of her parents or brothers, a situation...
'In the Beginning Was the Land': The Appropriation of Religious Themes in Political Discourses in Zimbabwe
ABSTRACT As the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe worsened between 2000 and 2003, the state embarked on an intense propaganda campaign. Facing an increasingly popular opposition, the state adopted a two-pronged strategy of marketing its...
'Kachinja Are Coming!': Encounters around Medical Research Work in a Kenyan Village
ABSTRACT When conducting medical field research in a Luo village in western Kenya, my colleagues and I were occasionally suspected of being blood-thieves, locally called kachinja. The article contextualizes these blood-stealing accusations within...
Sex, Death and the Fate of the Nation: Reflections on the Politicization of Sexuality in Post-Apartheid South Africa
ABSTRACT Unexpectedly, sexuality has become one of the principal sites of contestation in post-apartheid South Africa. This paper demonstrates and accounts for the politicization of sex and sexuality in South Africa since 1994. The first part examines...
Whose uNkulunkulu?
ABSTRACT UNkulunkulu was a term taken up by certain missionaries in Natal as synonymous with the Christian God. Though the idea of uNkulunkulu is now well entrenched in African as well as missionary Christian theology, historically the concept of...
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