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Articles from Vol. 67, No. 4, Fall

Islam and Popular Music in Senegal: The Emergence of a 'New Tradition'
The city of Dakar is a visual and verbal testament to the pervasive influence of Islam on Senegalese popular culture: ubiquitous fleets of yellow and blue cars rapides, the city's main transport system, display across their hoods the word alhamdulillahi(1)...
Male Praise-Singers in Accra: In the Company of Women
In a classic essay M. G. Smith (1957) analysed praise-singing in northern Nigeria as an institution that regulates social behaviour, by validating status, wielding sanctions, and generally maintaining social norms. Hausa praisesinging is a low-status...
Money and Respect: The Changing Value of Old Age in Rural Ghana
If you don't have money, no one visits you. Sika fr?? mmogya [Money calls blood]. [??panyin Kwaku Martin] It is poverty that has made them old. [Kwahu woman] Money, writes Plattner (1989: 175) `is something used to make payments for other...
'No Condition Is Permanent': Ethnic Construction and the Use of History in Akuapem
It is our custom that when an Omanhene [king] is placed on the stool, his people ask him to be good to them and treat them fairly ... and he also confirms that he will rule peacefully, that peace may rule throughout the whole country and confusion cease....
The Hearthhold in Pastoral Fulbe Society, Central Mali: Social Relations, Milk and Drought
To judge from the kind of set expression, haughty and distant, often seen on the women's faces, one would guess that the mystery it conceals is no easy one to pierce, and That this mask they wear is one way, not only of concealing their inmost thoughts,...
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