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Articles from Vol. 75, No. 3, Summer

Carrefour De la Joie: Popular Deconstruction of the African Postcolonial Public Sphere
ABSTRACT African postcolonial rulers have made of the public sphere a space where through the production of violence and coercion they attempt to bring their subjects' bodies under an endless process of tight discipline, subordination and servitude....
Christianity and the Proliferation of Ancestors: Changes in Hierarchy and Mortuary Ritual in the Cameroon Grassfields
ABSTRACT During the twentieth century, the 'death celebration' became arguably the most important cultural event throughout much of the Western Grassfields of Cameroon. The growth of this ritual festival occurred in the context of major political,...
Fishing in Troubled Waters: Disquettes and Thiofs in Dakar
ABSTRACT This discussion traces metaphors of consumerism, commoditized sex and sexified commodities that proliferate throughout urban Africa, signalling the intensifed globalization of images of desire and opportunity, on the one hand, and chronic...
Islam, Mondialisation et Crise Identitaire Dans le Royaume Bamoun, Cameroun
RESUME Cet article porte sur les effets induits de la mondialisation sur l'islam dans le royaume bamoun au Cameroun. En effet, depuis l'introduction de l'islam dans ce royaume au debut du dix-neuvieme siecle, islam et ethnicite s'y sont toujours...
The Mortuary Sphere, Privilege and the Politics of Belonging in Contemporary Cameroon
ABSTRACT Concern with new modes of accountability has foregrounded the politics of belonging, giving prominence to the concepts of autochthony and allogeny. In Cameroon, this has provoked a shift in policy-making from an earlier distinction between...
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