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Articles from Vol. 70, No. 3, Summer

`Her Name Is Kamundage': Rethinking Women and Property among the Haya of Tanzania
The father says to the musigire (groom's representative): `You have asked me for a wife for so and so and I have given you one. Do not treat her badly. Rather than that, bring her back and I will refund the brideprice. She can always live with us....
Power, Honour and Shame: The Ideology of Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate
One obedient slave is better than three hundred sons, for the latter desire their father's death, the foyer his master's glory. Nisam al-Mulk, Siyasatnameh(1) In 1893 Kano emirate was devastated by a civil war between two rival claimants for...
The Father as Witch
Economic and social forces that play upon household and kin dynamics exacerbate tensions and hostilities among associates, who become suspected of both causing and benefiting from the misery of others. How this is conceptualised depends upon previously...
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