ATQ (The American Transcendental Quarterly)

ATQ (The American transcendental Quarterly) is a magazine specializing in Humanities topics.

Articles from Vol. 17, No. 1, March

Doing Justice to Bartleby
Herman Melville's 1853 short story "Bartleby" is a text about haunting and a text that haunts. It is a tale that intimates that there are some secrets that never can be revealed and therefore raises the important question of how one can act and react...
Melville's "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!": A Case Study in Bipolar Disorder
Shortly after returning home from New York City in December 1831, Herman Melville's father, Allan, fell deathly iii. He had walked the final leg of his journey home across the frozen Hudson River after the Constellation was forced to pull ashore in...
"Tawdry Physical Affrightments": The Performance of Normalizing Visions of the Body in Edgar Allan Poe's "Loss of Breath"
In response to a gift copy he received from the illustrator of a new Poe volume, William Butler Yeats complained, "Analyse the Pit and the Pendulum and you find an appeal to the nerves by tawdry physical affrightments, at least so it seems to me who...
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