ATQ (The American Transcendental Quarterly)

ATQ (The American transcendental Quarterly) is a magazine specializing in Humanities topics.

Articles from Vol. 20, No. 3, September

American Culture Wars, 1803-1861
When a historian of nineteenth-century United States culture and literature from virtually any country of Europe cuts through the layers of his or her expertise, customs and habits of the field, and perhaps routine, s/he realizes a crucial difference...
Beyond the Traveler's Testimony: Emerson's English Traits and the Construction of Postcolonial Counter-Discourse
Contrary to what Ralph Waldo Emerson's well-known statement in "Self-Reliance" that "Traveling is a fool's paradise" (278) seems to imply with regard to his reservation about the particular fashion of the day, the writer traveled quite extensively....
Cross-Cultural Hybridity in James Fenimore Cooper's the Last of the Mohicans
Scholars of James Fenimore Cooper have generally interpreted The Last of the Mohicans and its American Indian characters as emblematic of the Vanishing American convention in American literature, whereby Natives must be subsumed in order for a young...
Dividing Religion from Theology in Lydia Maria Child's Hobomok
Lydia Maria Child's novel Hobomok (1824) provides ample opportunity to probe the political interrelations of literature and culture in early nineteenth-century America. Scholars particularly stress Child's significant arguments against patriarchal...
Echoes of Paine: Tracing the Age of Reason through the Writings of Emerson
In our country's brief history, no philosopher has cast a longer shadow over the great plains of American thought than Ralph Waldo Emerson, the prolific "sage of Concord." An active lecturer and essayist for more than fifty years, Emerson has been...
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