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ATQ (The American transcendental Quarterly) is a magazine specializing in Humanities topics.

Articles from Vol. 14, No. 3, September

"A Religion by Revelation": Emerson as Radical Restorationist
In his essay, "Reading Transcendental Texts Religiously," Kevin Van Anglen divides students of Emerson (and of Transcendentalism in general) into two "currents" or camps. At Van Anglen's left hand are those who "give a largely secular account" of Emerson's...
"Correctly Forming the Public Opinion": Religious Rhetoric, Social Change, and the Myth of Self-Culture
During the Great Awakening that swept through New England in the middle of the eighteenth century, the faculties of understanding (brain), will (soul), and affections (emotions) were debated in theological culture as never before. While traditional...
From Preachers to Suffragists: Enlisting the Pulpit in the Early Movement for Woman's Rights
It is the pulpit, then, which has the entire ear of the community, one-seventh part of the time. Abby Kelley Foster (Stanton et al. 1: 135) An eloquent Quaker woman from Massachusetts rose to address the Fourth National Woman's Rights Convention...
Negotiating Personhood, Womanhood, and Spiritual Equality: Phoebe Palmer's Defense of the Preaching of Women
Women are often led to proclaim the word of the Lord among us; [...] Nor is there any thing astonishing or novel in this particular direction of the Holy Spirit. Nothing astonishing, because there is no respect of persons with God. The soul of the...
"The Pulpit Leads the World": Preachers and Preaching in Nineteenth-Century America
Introduction Nor was the pulpit itself without a trace of the same sea-taste [...]. Its panelled front was the likeness of a ship's bluffbows, and the Holy Bible rested on a projecting piece of scroll work, fashioned after a ship's fiddle-headed...
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