ATQ (The American Transcendental Quarterly)

ATQ (The American transcendental Quarterly) is a magazine specializing in Humanities topics.

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 3, September

"An Inestimable Blessing": The American Gospel Invasion of 1873
The mass of "gospel" hymns which has swept through American churches and well-nigh ruined our sense of song consists largely of debased imitations of Negro melodies made by ears that caught the jingle but not the music, the body but not the soul,...
"Especial Attention Paid to Deportment": The Round Dance, Social Identity, and Mollie Davis's under the Man-Fig
Most critics would agree that attention to audience reception is crucial to understanding music's role in nineteenth-century American society. They consider such questions as, what role did music play in the daily life of average American citizens?...
I hear the violincello or man's hearts complaint, And hear the keyed comet or else the echo of sunset. I hear the chorus.... it is a grand opera.... this indeed is music! (11. 597-99) Walt Whitman "Song of Myself" "In those days it was either...
Ira Aldridge: Shakespeare and Minstrelsy
Ira Aldridge (1807?-1867) was one of the first actors of African descent to appear on British and other European stages, and he was the first to achieve widespread fame and recognition. Born in New York, Aldridge began his theatrical career there...
The Eternal Symphony Afloat: The Transcendentalists' Quest for a National Culture
In 1821, a dynamic eleven-year-old fashioned a box to store her work and writing equipment. The box was painted beautifully--according to the artist's own description--and a letter from Margaret Fuller's mother noted that her young daughter "thinks...
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