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ATQ (The American transcendental Quarterly) is a magazine specializing in Humanities topics.

Articles from Vol. 20, No. 2, June

Consuming Tragedy and "The Little Cannibal" in the House of the Seven Gables
"If you pass Hepzibah's cent-shop, buy me a Jim Crow (fresh) and send it to me by Ned Higgins." (Herman Melville, The Letters 125) When he emerged from his feverish writing of The Scarlet Letter, his "hell-fired" tale, Nathaniel Hawthorne was...
Invalid Insurrections: Intellect and Appetite in Catharine Maria Sedgwick's Biography of Lucretia Maria Davidson
In 1841, Edgar Allan Poe reminded readers of Graham's Magazine that "the name of Lucretia Davidson is familiar to all readers of poetry" (219). By then, three biographies--by Samuel Morse, President of the American Society of Arts (1829), Robert...
"There Is No Arguing with Pictures": Stretching the Canvas of Gender in the Art Portraits, Picture-Language, and the Original Illustrations in Uncle Tom's Cabin
On March 9, 1851, three years after the Seneca Falls Convention called for equal rights for women, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a letter to Gamaliel Bailey, editor of the National Era, proposing her nascent story about slavery, gender roles, and...
"To Make Venus Vanish": Misogyny as Motive in Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue"
Despite his otherwise unconventional ways, in his personal life Edgar Allan Poe held the most conventional early nineteenth-century views about the subordinate place of woman in man's world. As Ernest Marchand concludes, "in all matters touching...
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