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A refereed scholarly journal publishing original contributions on Australian social issues and policy. Articles accepted for publication may be cross-disciplinary and may discuss specific social issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical report

Articles from Vol. 34, No. 3, August

Are There Migrant Enclaves in Australia? -- a Search for the Evidence
Studies have shown that although migrants in genera/fare worse in the labour market, some migrant groups perform better than others (McAllister 1986; Evans and Kelley 1986; Kelly and McAllister 1984). Studies from the US have also shown that migrant...
Diversity but Not Equality: Domestic Labour in Cohabiting Relationships
This paper examines the domestic labour arrangements of cohabiting couples and the implications for gender equality. The discussion is based on a predominantly qualitative study of thirty young cohabiters. The men and women shared domestic labour in...
Economic Rationalism versus the Community: Reflections on Social Democracy and State Capacity
In the context of calls for a `third way' which proposes the abandonment of many of the social democratic and statist commitments of the postwar era, this paper reviews both the responsibilities accepted by peak bodies such as ACOSS and those that...
Husband Abuse: Fact or Fiction?
During the last thirty years, ideologies, theories and policies relating to domestic violence have changed radically. As a result of this, community concern and state policies shifted considerably towards protecting and supporting abused wives. Although...
The Context for Community Participation in Health Action in Australia
Community participation is one of the underlying principles of democratic societies and the potential benefits of the participation process are well documented. Although a number of participatory mechanisms have been established by government departments...
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