Australian Journal of Social Issues

A refereed scholarly journal publishing original contributions on Australian social issues and policy. Articles accepted for publication may be cross-disciplinary and may discuss specific social issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical report

Articles from Vol. 50, No. 4, June

Addressing Older Women's Homelessness: Service and Housing Models
Introduction Homelessness as it is experienced by older women is receiving increasing attention in Australia's public discourse. This discussion is in part a reflection of advocacy by service providers of growing numbers of older women presenting...
Compulsory Income Management in the Northern Territory-Evaluating Its Impact
Introduction The Australian Government pays income support payments to some 5.1 million Australians, accounting in 2013 for 16.6 per cent of the population aged 15-64 years and 77.0 per cent of those aged 65 years and over. Payments are categorical,...
How Many Australians Have Slept Rough?
Introduction This paper investigates two issues: how many Australians have experienced homelessness during their lifetime, and how many people have slept rough. The two most commonly used sources of quantitative information about the homeless population...
Juvenile Reoffending: A Ten-Year Retrospective Cohort Analysis
Introduction For criminology, the 1980s was a period of significant intellectual and theoretical development manifested through a series of debates concerning the ubiquity and underlying covariates of the relationship between age and crime (Piquero...
Why Do Tenants Leave Social Housing? Exploring Residential and Social Mobility at the Lowest Rungs of Australia's Socioeconomic Ladder
Introduction Longstanding Government disinvestment (Productivity Commission 2009) has seen social housing declining such that the proportion of social renters in Australia fell from 5.8 per cent of households in 1998 to 3.9 per cent in 2010 (NHSC...
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