American Banker

American Banker is a Monday to Friday daily trade newspaper owned and published by SourceMedia, Inc. American Banker is headquartered in New York, N.Y. and was first published in 1836. Readers of American Banker are primarily high ranking banking executives and those with billions of dollars in assets. Seventy percent of American Banker readers hold senior management positions and 66 percent come from financial institutions, with 55.8 percent of those working in the commercial and retail banking sectors. Twenty-one percent of the readership control assets totaling $50 billion and above. The newspaper is published across the United States.In the 1960s, then-editor William E. Zimmerman traveled around the United States reporting on the civil rights movement by asking African-Americans what they needed from the banking industry and in turn interviewing local bankers to find out what services they were providing for African-Americans.In 1988, American Banker reported that the Japanese have the 10 largest banks in the world and that the U.S. banks, for the first time in three decades, were knocked out of the top 25 due to the falling dollar. Citibank, the largest bank in the U.S. at the time, fell from the 17th largest bank in the world to 28th, with $101.1 billion in deposits.American Banker was also the first national publication to report extensively on the fall of Penn Square Bank in Oklahoma City. Marc Hochstein is the Executive Editor, John DelMauro is the Vice President and Group Publisher, Richard Melville is the Group Editorial Director, Banking, and John DeCesare is the Group Publisher.