Strategic Review for Southern Africa

Strategic Review for Southern Africa is a magazine specializing in Defense topics.

Articles from Vol. 30, No. 1, May

Non-Alignment in the Current World Order: The Impact of the Rise of China
ABSTRACT The relevance of the Non-Aligned Movement has been in question since the end of Cold War bipolarity. In the post-Cold War order, whether interpreted as cosmopolitan, unipolar, multipolar or globalised in nature, there are still challenges...
South Africa's New Counter-Mercenary Law
ABSTRACT An overview is provided of the new counter-mercenary legislation recently adopted in South Africa, comparing existing legislation and the new Act. Suggestions are made, with reference to international humanitarian law, in respect of the...
State and State-Sponsored Terrorism in Africa: The Case of Libya and Sudan
ABSTRACT This article aims to describe past and present state sponsorship of international terrorism in Africa. Firstly, it commences by exploring the differences between terrorism, international terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism. Secondly,...
The European Development and South African Application of the Concept of Non-Offensive Defence
ABSTRACT The article provides a chronological analysis of the development of non-offensive defence. As a point of departure, it demarcates the roots, the unfolding of, and the application of non-offensive defence in Western Europe. The debate about...
The Multilateral Maze and (South) Africa's Quest for Permanent United Nations Security Council Representation
ABSTRACT The United Nations Security Council is the most powerful global governance forum in the history of humankind. In a rapidly globalising world its constitutive mandate--addressing issues of international peace and security--is expanding and...
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