Strategic Review for Southern Africa

Strategic Review for Southern Africa is a magazine specializing in Defense topics.

Articles from Vol. 25, No. 1, May

Arms Control and Disarmament in South Africa after the Cold War
ABSTRACT The radical change in its internal and foreign policies during the late 1980s and the ending of the Cold War have led to South Africa disarming itself with regard to weapons of mass destruction. Following the first democratic election in...
Ideas on the Revolution in Military Affairs and the Nature of Low-Intensity Conflict
ABSTRACT The aim of this article is to discuss and assess the tension between ideas that underpin the revolution in military affairs (RMA) and the changing nature of post-Cold War conflict with specific reference to the nature of low-intensity conflict...
Military Discipline: Where Are We Going Wrong?
ABSTRACT This article addresses the issue of military discipline within the South African National Defence Force, with specific reference to the military justice and corrective system. The first section focuses on the military justice system and...
Pursuing a Functional Security Community in Southern Africa: Is It Possible after All?
ABSTRACT The objectives of the Southern African Development Community are, amongst others, aimed at building a security community in Southern Africa. Specifically, the establishment of the SADC Organ for Politics, Defence and Security in 1996 indicated...
The Hegemon That Wasn't: South Africa's Foreign Policy towards Zimbabwe
ABSTRACT South Africa's policy of quiet diplomacy in the face of the economic and political crises of Zimbabwe has been criticised severely by both domestic and international observers who cite South Africa's "obvious hegemony" as sufficient to...
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