Twentieth Century Literature

A quarterly journal of scholarly literary criticism publishing refereed papers on all aspects of twentieth-century literature, including English-language essays on literature in other languages.

Articles from Vol. 53, No. 1, Spring

Encomium of Helen: Derek Walcott's Ethical Twist in Omeros
When the Martinican poet Aime Cesaire, one of the founding figures of the negritude movement in Caribbean letters, asked in his now-classic Cahier d'un retour au pays natal, "Qui et quel nous sommes? [Who and what are we?] Admirable question!" (12),...
Novel Ethics: Alterity and Form in Jacob's Room
Though few critics would still claim that the modernist novel privileges experimental form over engagement with social and political concerns, most literary histories have not succeeded in articulating how modernist developments in the style and content...
Remembering Bishop, Bishop Remembering
Far off thou art, but ever nigh; I have thee still, and I rejoice; I prosper, circled with thy voice; I shall not lose thee though I die. --Tennyson (In Memoriam 130: 13-16) Nature repeats herself, or almost does: repeat,...
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